Freelance Graphic Designer 
Hello, hello, hello! 

Welcome to a creative world where your brand can flourish and shine like never before. 

My name is Maud and I'm the founder of Maud Co Graphic Design. Originally from Paris, I plunged into the world of entrepreneurship as soon as I finished my studies. 

My background inspired me to open my own graphic design business here in Australia, where I put my 5 years of experience and passion for design to good use. Each project I take on is approached with the same energy I've invested in my own businesses. 

I am passionate about and inspired by projects from all walks of life to make your brand unique and timeless. 

I firmly believe in the power of design to transform a business, making it stand out from the crowd, become profitable and a force to be reckoned with in its market. My aim is to create striking visual identities and visuals that reflect the passion and uniqueness of each project.

Together, we aim to write a memorable brand story.
My Passion.
My Work.
My Art. 
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